Whose Face…?

By: Marc A. Turner Copyright © 2001


I stop by this web page

everyday and I wince

I hold my breath for a second…

then I take my first glimpse


It seems that forever,

 there is always a new face

And I know that too soon,

 another one will take its place


I often think about

those faces on the screen

The stories so similar,

like a matter of routine


I wonder to myself…

if just a day or two ago

We read the same story

about one we did not know


Now he is the one,

 whose face stares back at me

If he were still here,

I wonder, whose face he would see


And always right there…

 those numbers in bright red

Like the “now serving” signs

when in line for fresh bread


But those numbers don’t tell

 who is next to be served

They keep count of the ones

who are no longer heard


The number of Cops…

who have made that sacrifice

After taking an oath…

they paid the ultimate price


Keeping track of the count,

by each day of the year

Watching the number grow,

 one can’t help but shed a tear


Knowing that there’s a family,

 out there right now…today

Whose loved one’s number,

 will be the next to display


Again it will happen,

 sadly in that you can trust  

And we’ll ask the same questions…

why them and not us


Some answers will come…

but clearly the one we’ll never know

Is whose face will be there,

 looking back, tomorrow.



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