For My Good Friend Thomas Juskus


Dedicated to PFC Carl Juskus

Killed in Action

 December 25, 1944



Uncle Carl

By: Marc A. Turner Copyright © 2000


There is a picture of a man that haunts me everyday

When I look into his eyes, he sends a smile right my way

A photo of my Uncle Carl; a man I never knew

Only stories I was told… of the hell that he went through


Across the ocean to a foreign shore

My Uncle Carl volunteered to go to war

Like so many shining stars on a cold moonless night

America’s precious cargo… sailed east for the fight


I wonder how he felt inside as America disappeared

The same as all the rest, too proud to shed a tear

With his brothers all around him, I bet he felt alone

Each thinking to themselves, when will I again be home


I never met my Uncle Carl; he never made it back

He was one of many lost, taken by a sub attack

I hope it happened quickly and he had no time to fear

The brutality of man, so sad… caused God to shed a tear


The stars still shine and twinkle across the sky at night

And ever since that Christmas Day the sky’s a bit more bright

For every time a hero dies, a new star is hung in place

When I look up to the sky at night, Uncle Carl shines on my face.



Click the ship name below  to learn more about Uncle Carl's ship the S.S. LLeopoldville

and the tragedy that took the lives of almost 800 American Soldiers.

Courtesy of the Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


S.S. Leopoldville



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