Then I Turned Around
By: Marc A. Turner Copyright © 2001
   Pushing me on my bike with not a single training wheel
   Dad held me strong and steady… his balance I could feel
   Then I turned around… he was nowhere by my side
   Back by the driveway, he stood clapping… a smile full of pride
   He would go off to his work, leaving Mom and us alone
   When we got too much to handle… she’d say wait till Dad gets home
   Then I turned around… here comes Dad right through the door
   I heard the snapping of his belt as I cowered on the floor
   I’d always ask him as a kid, to let me drive the car
   Dad put me on his lap, let me steer… but not too far
   Then I turned around… and I was driving all alone
   The little kid from Daddy’s lap was now almost full grown
   I liked to go down to the lab while he did his PhD research
   We often spoke about the world and Science vs. Church
   Then I turned around… and this so scientific type of man
   Tells me there must be a greater power… to have come up with such a plan
   I used to like the stories and the war tales that he’d tell
   He’d detail different battles… but always end with, war is hell!
   Then I turned around… and found him hurting deep inside
   He carried the hell of war for years, but the pain he’d always hide
   He found peace with all his brothers, Purple Hearters from World War II
   Combat wounded veterans sharing all the hell that they went through
   Then I turned around… I saw my Dad as not just one of the guys
   I saw a man who’d faced it all and… Hero’s tears were in his eyes
   He fought a long hard battle against the enemy of time
   With many ups and downs… the battles had always come out fine
   Then I turned around…  this time he sure did give his best
   He fought like a brave soldier… but now it’s time to rest
   As is the course with all that live… time keeps on going by
   We all will be there someday… there is no need to wonder why
   Then I turned around… I realize Dad is gone and I know that it’s for real
   But in my heart and soul... his balance I still feel...


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