By: Marc A. Turner- Copyright©2002



How can it be… already here

One year from Hell’s sudden birth

The day that altered the way that we live

A day that changed… life here on earth


As we mark the one year milestone

Reality again… will hit us hard

Reliving the horror brought on that day

As fate dealt to us… its deadly card


No more are we free to greet a new day

Without a sense… of unknowing fear

No longer can we… pay no attention

To strange sights and sounds, we see and we hear


And no matter how far we get from day one

When terror and death fell from the sky

It will always be… right there, behind us

Total recall… in the blink of an eye


Yet somehow we all must learn to cope

And wake each day… to start anew

Never forgetting the pain thrust on us

But stronger because of what we’ve been through


Now that 365 days have gone by

A brand new journey will start from here

We begin again… with one small step

And day after day, becomes year after year


With God’s help… in time we’ll look back

To memories filled with the good times we shared

Never forgetting… those whom we’ve lost

Always remembering… all those who cared


Changed is our way of looking at life

From chaos came order… and priority too

Our focus on things became more intense

What’s really important… came into view


So live everyday like it might be your last

Let those who you love, know how you feel

Then nothing can stop us… they can’t bring us down

No matter what they do… to our concrete and steel.




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 dedicated to all those who lost their lives, those who survived,

 and all those Heroes who saved lives, on September 11th, 2001.

....let us NEVER forget .

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