One Never Knows

By: Marc A. Turner Copyright © 2000



We answered the calls just as they’d come

A man with a knife, two more with a gun

Fights that broke out in back alleys and bars

Chasing down felons in fresh stolen cars


My partner and I were always ready for hell

We watched each others’ back, we did it quite well

We’ve been shot at and missed by thugs selling rocks

We’ve been battered from rooftops with garbage and blocks


The word on the street was we’d take no guff

The skells would say we were fair but damn tough

Yup, ready for anything I always said

Never surprised… until I learned he was dead


See my partner worked overtime he needed more pay

He had two little boys and a girl on the way

No it wasn’t a robbery or a felon on the run

He just stopped a kid, to say be careful, have fun


But the kid on the bike was high on cocaine

Now my partner lay dead, a bullet in his brain.

I miss him real bad, he thought just like me

When I’m walking my beat, his face I still see


Every call he is with me, still watching my back

His voice reminds me, don’t ever slack

Take nothing for granted, keep on your toes

Cause, when’s YOUR shift end…?  One never knows.



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