No Words
By: Marc A. Turner - Copyright©2004
A mystery surrounds our lives
A circle... we try to comprehend
You can trace its journey for evermore
ĎCause... itís a line that has no end
A friend has lost a loved one
Their world spins... out of control
I want to lend a helping hand
But... what should be my role
I wish that I could take and hold
Their heartache, shock... and fear
And let them know... it will be ok
But I wonder... How do I get near
I feel like I should do much more
How and where does one begin
To fill a void thatís left inside
And free emotions trapped within
Iíve been told... that time heals all
But each one runs... at their own pace
Time moves different... for us all
And no one really wins this race
So I guess the best for me to do
Is to let them know Iím here
To listen to what they have to say
And share with them...a tear
Or just to be there... with no words
As silence echoes through the air
When spoken thoughts are soon replaced
By oneís simple, caring... tearful stare
The important thing is not to fear
As we all will be there, in that place
When time stands still and colors fade
A circle of life... we must embrace...





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