By: Marc A. Turner Copyright © 2002


As the ceremony ended

we were all feeling quite sad

See the service that just finished

was the funeral for my dad


Now my mom doesn’t walk too well

going from here to there

So I was right there with her…

 pushing the wheelchair


I notice two close friends, at the aisle,

 as we were going by

I told my mom to look… it’s Justin,

Dan & Nette’s little guy


He seemed a little sad

 and as she looked, their eyes embraced

He was saying “it’s ok, don’t worry…”

Not with words… but with his face


Time froze for that split second,

as they locked in a silent exchange

Something happened… I don’t know what,

but it really was quite strange


Then with a crooked little smile…

 he waved his little hand

Chills were flowing down my back

 like white hot grains of sand


Later, mom had mentioned

 about the way that Justin smiled

She said I saw him and I felt him,

he is one very special child


It makes you kinda wonder

what this “life “ is all about

The awesome power that comes forth

from just a little kid’s cute pout


He seems to carry something,

something glowing from within

A very special kid he is…

right to the dimple on his chin


Now looking back… I’m not surprised

I knew he’d be that way

See, his parents are special people too…

Thank you guys… you made our day!




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