Just a Cop

By: Marc A. Turner Copyright © 2000

Did you know a Police Officer died last night?
Just another Cop who gave his life
Another story to fill the news
Another funeral with a sea of blue

We know that he did not want to leave
Now his brothers, sisters & family grieve
They'll lay to rest their brother with tears
A pain that will last for the rest of their years

And others will come to honor this Cop
Who in spite of the risks, would never stop
"To Serve & Protect" were just not words written as art
It was part of his soul, his body, his heart

The real pain thatís felt by those left behind
Comes from the fact many people donít mind
That this hero was killed fighting for us
"Heís just a cop, itís his job, why all the fuss?"

He was there when you needed, there when you called
Never asked you for praise or to thank him at all
So heís just a cop, risking his life
Catches a bullet or gets stuck with a knife

To those who say that itís just a copís life
Did you ever stop to think, did he have a wife?
Or maybe a boy and a little girl too
Waiting for Dad who promised a trip to the Zoo

They watched out the door, with smiles and cheer
Waiting for daddy who soon should be there
But instead of his smile, come three somber cops
As they walk towards the house time suddenly stops

He wonít be coming home to them anymore
Still they stand and stare out the front door
Saying My Dad was a copÖbut why did he have to die?
He was kind, he was funny, just a really nice guy

No it wasnít just a cop who was killed last night
A part of us all died when they shut down his light
When it happens again, we all know that it will
Take a second to think, for a moment be still

If not for that cop, where would we be
Afraid of our shadow, not one of us free
Was the guy who just died special or not?
Yeah he sure was, ÖJust a Husband, a Father, a Hero, a COP.


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