By: Marc A. Turner Copyright © 2000



Well your day finally came, the one we all hope to see

A time when we realize that we are finally free


From the pains and the aches of societies ills

From the heartache and stress that silently kills


You may walk out the door and never go back

But you leave that place… not completely intact


Cause you gave part of yourself each day you were there

But looking back on it all…it somehow seems fair


I am Proud to call you a Brother and Friend

Just because you retire won’t make that end


You can hold your head high, I salute you today

For you did your job well, till your very last day


Now its time to move on and reap your rewards

For the years that you spent dodging all types of swords


Enjoy what life brings, you know you can’t lose

A Cop all those years …You’ve paid your dues !




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