I Wonder Why

By: Marc A. Turner Copyright © 2000



I wonder why, I do this job

and daily risk it all

Iíve got but a split second

to make the fateful call


I wonder why, he had the knife

and charged with hollow eyes

I stopped that threat, he's dead now,

but it's me who slowly dies


I wonder why, they say the things

about me like they do

With no idea who I am

or what Iíve just been through


I wonder why, they fill the news

with people hating me

They never ask me what went on

or what just did I see


I wonder why, when it's the cop

who ends up dead

That TV preacher never shows,

no not a word is said


I wonder what they'd think,

if they spent time in my shoes

It's easy to criticize

when it's not their life to lose


I wonder if they ever thought,

they might someday be

The victim of a crime, injured, dying,

crying out for me


I wonder why, I'd risk my life

to be right at their side

I guess because, I am a copÖ

sometimes I wonder why.




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Graphic courtesy of: http://members.tripod.com/~oceanwisher/police.html