Hero’s Tears
By: Marc A. Turner Copyright © 2001

A man, just a man, simple and sublime
No more than normal most of the time

But when it gets tough, you know he’ll be true
Because he is a Cop and that’s what Cops do

He deals with the heartache and then he moves on
Not showing emotion because that could cause him harm

At times he seems callous and laughs at the wrong things
It is just his way of fighting the reality that stings

The things that he sees and the jobs he must do
Are like waves of emotions that he has to wade through

Most times he’ll keep dry, as they’re often small swells
But each time he’s not looking… a large wave rings his bell

The tough one he is… yeah, he hides it real good
Till it rips him apart and he cries like he should

The pain and the sadness he fought off all those years
Finally shows up and it rains… Hero’s Tears


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