Guaranteed Things

By: Marc A. Turner Copyright © 2000




The past several months have been quite a slow go

Like watching from afar a mystifying show


The nights and days have become just a blur

A hellish nightmare from which one canít stir


Then without any knowledge of how it could be

The blur goes away and we start to clearly see


A strength from within holds us up for the fight

With a warm inner peace, our soul becomes light


When a Police Officer dies, there are some guaranteed things

Most surely of which is that their badge turns into wings


Wings of an Angel that they will now be

Not confined by the body, their souls to fly free


If they could talk to us now, they would likely just say

Remember me often at least once a day


When you feel warmth surround you, as you lay down at night

Know that itís me, saying Iím okÖ itís alright


They may be gone from our sight, but not from our heart

Making ready for us, when itís our time to part


Together againÖ we will all someday be

Giving strength to others, because nowÖ we fly free.




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