The Flagpole   

By: Marc A. Turner Copyright©2002



A gift to my Dad

from my Mom on Fathers Day.

A place to fly the flags...

he always wanted to display.


It stands in the front yard,

sturdy, proud and tall.

It’s hard to miss it…so bright white,

topped by a golden ball.


Against the clear blue sky,

the flags waving… what a sight!

Dad could never hide his pride,

his smile was too bright!


The flags it holds so boldly...

one waves Red, White and Blue.

And just below the Stars and Stripes

another banner flew.


That other flag came at great cost...

but he never showed regret.

The white and purple... he flew with pride,

as a combat wounded vet.


The Military Order of the Purple Heart,

a group of Heroes, yes indeed.

Some gave all, all gave some”...

a rare and special breed.


So every morning that he could,

he’d raise those flags up that pole.

Not just colors on some cloth,

but part of him… his heart, his soul.


He did so on his last day too

...that I’ll never forget.

That day the flags waved goodbye,

to their… combat wounded vet.


It’s almost been a year now...

and the pole still holds each flag.

It shouts in silent honor, so proud,

but you’ll never hear it brag.


For most, a flagpole is a place

to fly a flag…that cannot be denied.

But for Dad it was a place to show

…his heart, his soul, his pride.





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