Blue Autumn
By: Marc A. Turner Copyright © 2000
That day was like others nothing special at all
We passed one another said hi in the hall
We took it for granted that nothing would change
But then, time seemed to gel, it felt surely strange
Suddenly the news struck with lightening heat
Officer down, my heart skipped a beat
See we’re all brothers that hang from the same family tree
But today, it was your turn; your leaf was blown free
We finally break rank and most walk away
They turn to look back, just a few there still stay
The ones from your squad still stand by and stare
Not able to leave, a pain they all share
The crowd is all gone and the wind shakes the trees
The tears start to fall like the dry autumn leaves
Why was it you and not one of them?
A question they’ll ask again and again
So now when we see our brother or sister go by
Why not take a second to say more than just hi
Tomorrow might be too late, don’t you see
Who’s leaf will be next… blown from the tree…?


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