Dedicated to all the members of the
and all of the Heroes who everyday go....







The Other Way

By: Marc A. Turner Copyright © 2002


No matter how it happens…

to whom, or what, or where

There are those special people

 who always seem to be right there


You know the ones of whom I speak,

 they do it every day

When people flee from smoke and fire…

they go… the other way


Never was it better shown,

then on that September clear blue morning

Heroes crowded Heaven’s Gate…

as the world changed without a warning


Hordes of people, in a stampeding mass…

running to get away

The Heroes went just as fast…

but they went… the other way


I remember watching on TV,

the crowds and chaos flooding by

And all those flashing lights…

racing towards their place to die


For many, their shift over,

were headed home to call it a day

But they had a date with destiny…

so they went... the other way


So many were taken from us

on that day America suffered the attacks

But many more were saved,

because of those Hero’s selfless acts


So now, as we all take in the setting sun,

 as it closes out another day...

Take a second from your life

to think of those, who go... the other way.




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