The Hat That I Wear

By: Marc A. Turner Copyright © 2000



I work in a place that most would not dare

Many types of hats they ask me to wear


Like a Doctor, a Lawyer, a Referee for a few

A Mechanic, a Bouncer, a Psychologist too


From a baby not breathing, to a bat in the house

To counseling those who fight with their spouse


Iím called on to help with a car that wonít run

And to find the bad guy,  a man with a gun


All types of diplomas, all kinds of degrees

Are needed by others who do jobs like these


There are no fancy papers in frames on my wall

But Iím always there when you need me and call


Ready to answer any call that might come

All types of hats though I wear just but one


For the hat that I wear is not fancy or bold

It is simple, dark blue, with a shield of gold...



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