By: Marc A. Turner Copyright © 2001


 The facts of the matter… are really quite simple.
The knowledge of why is what eludes us for now.
A reason for everything…will be given when needed.
But all that we know, is the when, where and how.
The reality of life can be so suddenly final.
Thoughts and the world start to slow and get blurred.
Next thing you know, time has no meaning.
Emotions are flowing… so easily stirred.
Surrounded by loved ones… but alone in the crowd.
Enveloped by memories, mixed with jiggers of pain.
We cry for the good and the bad times we shared
One tear at a time from the grief well we drain.
Every tear that is shed is a step towards serenity.
Each drop is a part of a burden relieved.
As day fades to night… we look to the heavens
Searching for signs that our prayers are received .
Then after the talks, the cards and the tears
We are left with ourselves and a bundle of nerves.
As sure as it’s time, that will help fill the void
It’s the tears that will give us the peace we deserve.


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