For my Friend

~ Gina Sharra ~



Dedicated to

Deputy Sheriff Allen Thomas Sharra
Kings County Sheriff's Department, CA
Died in the Line of Duty

December 27, 1999



By: Marc A. Turner Copyright © 2001



When I think of you, I smile and my thoughts drift away

Then reality’s chill brings me back, to the heat of today

As time has gone by, one would think it would ease

The pain should go away, like dry leaves in a breeze


The numbness of shock, like a shot of Novocain

Saved me from dealing and protected me from pain

But as it wears off and pins and needles come back

The reality of each day becomes a full-blown attack


I am not the strong one that everyone says I am

I put on a good act, but in truth it’s a sham

I am hurting inside and at times get so damn mad

I wish I could hold you, smell you, feel what we had


We had something special that I thought would last forever

I realize now life is always changing, just like the weather

But know… you are part of me; I’ll always love you

No change of the forecast… can make that not true


I know that new storms will be coming my way

Missing you so, is the price that I pay

But it’s worth every penny, to have had you in my life

Your joy and your love; I was proud to be your wife


So I pray to the God that took you from me

To give me guidance, strength, and to please help me see

I tell him it was you that made me become whole

And I thank him for sharing your love and your soul.


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