Sylvia M. Turner

1925  -  2013



By: Marc A. Turner  Copyright©2013


Mom… I can’t believe it’s been one Year

from the day you left me there.

Kneeling by your bedside…

while stroking your fine hair.


It seems you were just right here,

as we shared your dinner meals.

But it also seems like years ago…

Sometimes... life seems so surreal.


I held your hand and told you things

like don’t worry mom... we’ll be alright.

If you want to go and be with Dad…

it surely was your right.


I said the words, “I Love You”…

as I whispered in your ear.

You answered me without a sound…

as you shed an Angel’s tear.


So I kissed the tear from your cheek…

as we had our last embrace.

I knew right then that you were home…

as peace rolled across your face.


I knew that you had made it…

as it was your goal from the start.

Not just to be with Dad again…

but with “your” Sacred Heart.


So just like I said each time I left,

Who loves ya babe?... Also with you”.

And the way you answered with your smile…

Is the thing that gets me through…


Copyright© 2013 ~ All Rights Reserved



Mom, I miss you big time… You too Dad !

Love ya!




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