For my good friend, Ken Conner,

in honor of his sister,


Karen Ann Spencer

June 26, 1957 – December 28, 2001




By: Marc A. Turner - Copyright ©2002



I found it hard to understand…

 the meaning of her life

I trust in God for all I’m worth,

but it seems… just so not right


Why was she the one called home,

when here she did so much good

Others could have taken her place…

many times, I wished I could


Just 44 years on this earth…

it seems so painfully short

But in those years she helped so many…

of every different sort


For many lost in the dark…

she was the light that made it day

My sister was the one…

who helped me find the way


She gave to me the most precious gift…

I found my savior Jesus

And I still see the best of her…

in my nephews and my nieces


She was more than just a sister,

she was also a very special friend

We shared a bond that never broke…

right to the very end


When I find myself asking why...

why this had to be

I hear my sister saying…

"Ken, please…be happy now for me”


Deep down inside I’m happy…

she’s now seated at God’s side

But part of being human,

is feeling pain for those who’ve died


Strangely enough the pain is eased…

because of what, She did

She brought me to the love for God…

A love she never hid


So yeah there’s pain still there

but it has dulled... just like a knife

I realize now, what she gave to me,

 was... the meaning of her life...




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