A poem for Debbie, Bill

 and Amanda...

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An Angel's Tickle

By: Marc A. Turner - Copyright ©2001



In a sound sleep,

 not a word had been spoken

But with an Angel’s tickle…

I was awoken


Why would she do that…

tickle me awake?

Silly little Angel…

you made me itch for Pete’s sake


I scratched where you itched me,

hmmm that felt strange

A tiny little bump…

I‘d never noticed the change


Thoughts in my head

that were always right there

Flooded in and they gave me…

 one heck of a scare


I put on a good face,

to show others I was brave

But inside me… my mind,

all kinds of images raged


Without any notice…

something lifted my chin

Told me I’m fighting…

this thing will not win


It’s scary as hell

 facing the reality of life

But tougher than most…

I am a mom and a wife


I’ll bust this disease

and read it the Miranda

For me, my husband

and our sweet daughter Amanda.


An Angel’s Tickle

 was the thing that got to me

It scared me real bad…

but it sure set me free


So wake me anytime,

you are always welcome here

With my Angel around…

there is nothing to fear.



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