A Simple Nod
By: Marc A. Turner Copyright © 2000

Dedicated to my Dad,
Dr. Frank J. Turner… I salute you!

The colors of war he displays on his hat
A cap worn by those who play ball with a bat

But his hat is different it shows not a team
It says that he was one of the top of the cream

Walking the earth as one left behind
A man from the war of a long ago time

The battles and guns to us silent for years
Are still fresh, they flash bright and still ring in his ears

The freedom we have does not come without cost
It was paid for by him and the brothers he lost

The hell he went through was the price that he pays
A cost that continues for each of his days

We all owe them so much, more than words can say
But I bet just a thank you can sure make their day

So when a veteran of war starts to walk by your side
Give a nod, say thank you and salute them with Pride


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