By: Marc A. Turner Copyright © 2002



I remember when it started…

 that year 2001

The threat of Y2K…

seemed like an empty gun


I simply was amazed

at the speed of days gone by

All the hype, all the talk,

was it all just one big lie?


When that New Year started,

many seemed to be quite stressed

Then a collective sigh was heard…

 Y2K was put to rest


Almost as if on cue…

our focus seemed to change

To daily tasks and simple things…

it really was quite strange


There was no way for us to know

the world would come undone

For me it started when my Hero died…

on August 23, 2001


That day, my Dad had passed away,

and the world took on a different hue

Our family and our friends were there…

that’s what got us through


That pain, that hurt, that loss…

I thought would never be outdone

But 19 days later, came that morning…

 of September 11, 2001


The thought of what we’ve been through…

multiplied 5000 times

The loss, anger, hate, and fear…

 what stupid senseless crimes


The world’s a whole new place now…

all changed on that one day

A collective cry was heard this time …

was that our Y2K?


It had ended as it started….

many people scared and stressed

2002 has just begun, I wonder….

what comes next…?




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